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Re: Running Hurd+Linux side by side

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: Running Hurd+Linux side by side
Date: 04 Apr 2003 21:18:41 +0200
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"Reny Sebastian" <> writes:

> I invite your opinion about running Hurd and Linux side by side
> on the same machine.

It's possible in principle, but I doubt it's worth the effort to make
it work.

> If Linux will be ported as a multiserver or a single server OS (I
> don't know how much effort it will need. But Linux has been running
> on Mach with MacOS)

MkLinux exists, but uses a slightly different flavour of Mach. So you
first need to hack the Hurd and/or MkLinux to run on the same Mach

> both OS can share their services for file systems, networking etc.

Huh? Both linux and hurd have filesystems and networking. If you want
to share filesystems, use NFS (or some fancier networked filesystem).
That's the only practical way I think, as you only need some
networking bridge

> Is somebody working in this line already? I would like to know your
> opinion about this subject.

I think it's possible, but a lot of work, and I wouldn't do it for
Mach. Having Hurd on L4 coexist with Linux or BSD on L4 would be more
interesting, but then you *first* need a Hurd that runs on L4, so
running Hurd and Linux simultaneously on L4 has to be a secondary
goal, at most.


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