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Re: Hurd on ppc ?

From: Arlo le Rouge
Subject: Re: Hurd on ppc ?
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 11:51:39 +0200
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Well, thank you very much for your answers, but unfortunately I forgot
to tell that I know almost nothing of kernel programming... But I'm very
interested in Hurd, and at the very least I should be able to test what
the magicians have managed to port on two machines : a performa 6400,
and a G4. And the more time it takes, the more I will learn and be able
to help :-)

Is there a book you would recommend that deals with micro-kernel's
insides ? I have a very brief introduction to linux kernel programming,
but I don't think it could help me in that case... Maybe I should start
with the code itself, but then expect many beginner's questions...

Also, I'm french, so if sometimes you don't understand what I write, do
not hesitate to correct me.

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