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Re: Using GNUMach drivers

From: Ludovic Court?s
Subject: Re: Using GNUMach drivers
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 14:13:50 +0100
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I have just recompiled GNUMach with support for the ne2000 card (I actually
have an ISA board which works fine under Linux with the ne and 8390 modules
which are the one used by GNUMach). It turns out that the I/O address of my
board (0x260) does not appear in the list of `supported addresses' for this
device in the i386/README-Drivers . Is there a way to specify at boot time the
I/O address for this particular device?


PS: I'm also still looking for help about how to play an audio CD with the
    ide-cd driver... ;)

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