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Re: Hurd FS hierarchy (was Re: LD_LIBRARY_PATH troubles)

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: Hurd FS hierarchy (was Re: LD_LIBRARY_PATH troubles)
Date: 23 Mar 2002 20:15:41 -0800
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Mark Ellis <> writes:

> Hi all, i'm curious, is there a specific reason GNU uses this
> directory when the FHS seems to be trying to get rid of it ?
> The subject pops up in linuxfromscratch now and again about where to
> put binaries that want to go in here, i'd be interested to hear why
> you guys decided to keep it.

Cuz it's the right directory.  Where do you suggest such binaries
should be put?  They don't belong in lib: that's for libraries (and
putting other things there clutters up library search).  They don't
belong in bin or sbin: those are for shell commands.


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