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Hurd and UNIX signals (SA_SIGINFO)

From: Christian Lynbech
Subject: Hurd and UNIX signals (SA_SIGINFO)
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 18:18:24 +0100
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I have some software, I wanted to try to compile on Hurd and I have
run into SA_SIGINFO being undefined (in /usr/include/bits/sigaction.h
that is), so I would like to get some hints on how to deal with that.

Does Hurd have a linux compatible signal mechanism? 

The presence of sigaction.h suggests it, but then how deep does the
the absence of the SA_SIGINFO flag go?

Is there anywhere I can study signal handling in Hurd further?

Christian Lynbech       | 
Hit the philistines three times over the head with the Elisp reference manual.
                                        - (Michael A. Petonic)

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