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total newbie questions

From: Kenneth Stailey
Subject: total newbie questions
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 04:59:17 -0800 (PST)


The funny thing about this is that I had put together a working HURD
installation back in 1996 on a i486 but I never had time to develop and so much
has changed.

I'm starting from scratch on a new machine.  It has a 10GB IDE/ATA HD.  Here's
my plan on how to partition it.

IIRC Linux and Hurd use fdisk partitions to hold indivdual filesystems rather
than the BSD approach of using only one fdisk partion to hold everything and
sub-partitioning that in the BSD way.  If this is wrong hit me with a clue.  It
just seems so gross and stupid to only have four partitions per disk that I'm
not sure if it is true.

Based on that and the belief that HURD partitions are still limited to 1GB I
need to know how big to make the swap space and the rest will be a single
filesystem for Debian.

0 Linux fs (??GB)
1 swap (shared)  system has 512MB RAM, how big should this be?
2 hurd root (1GB)
3 hurd home (1GB)

After that it's install Debian and follow the instructions on

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