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first install

From: Jean-Roch Sotty
Subject: first install
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 11:37:15 +0100
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        Hello help-hurd list,

So I've installed the hurd with iso cd's from (I just had to untar the baseHurd.tgz from linux but it's not a matter).
        The gnumach boots and then booting I get a message from serverboot :
Loading single multiboot module in compat mode : /boot/serverboot.gz
(this is ok but ...)
(serverboot) : terminating, not beccoming default pager.

So I wandered if it was a normal behavior. Have I missed something in grub (config from sample menu file) ?
        I suppose someone knows here.

        Thanks for help.

PS: for info - I've used Debian (linux) for a year now and I just wanted to learn more about micro-kernels. So I'm not a newbie but on hurd I am :o) I can deal with the distro but I don't know much about the hurd.

Jean-Roch SOTTY
Université de Savoie
Secrétaire d'Alpinux
- le lug de Savoie -

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