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From: Stefan Karrmann
Subject: ShadowFs
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 09:52:59 +0200
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Is ShadowFs really a filesystem or only a ShadowDirectory?

By the recent discussion I got the impression that it is a filesystem,
but a single shadow directory would be easier and - in most cases -

What should a ShadowDirectory do?

(1) If you open it you get a port to it.

(2) If you lookup a file in it you get a port to that file.

(3) If you lookup a file in one of its subdirectories you get
    a relookup port (or how it is called) to the appropriate

(4) It is setup by `settrans dir shadow-dir --create-in 2 dir1 dir2 ... dirN´.

(5) If you open a new file it is created in dir2 or the first directory
    to which you have write access. If there is no such directory you
    do not have write access to the shadow directory.

Stefan Karrmann

Save gas, don't eat beans.

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