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Putting X on the hurd

From: Kapil Hari Paranjape
Subject: Putting X on the hurd
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 17:53:57 +0530
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Anyone out there with an i815-based motherboard who has got
X working on the hurd? My own notes:

1. I needed the "X configuration summary" from the Kernel
   Cousin Debian-Hurd summaries to get X working. Perhaps
   that page should be linked in to the Debian/Hurd FAQ's.
   Specifically the requirements:

        a. cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV kbd
        b. settrans -cap /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse \
        c. Using the Protocol "osmouse" in the XF86Config file.

   I know that these suggestions have been in the archives of this
   mailing list but the FAQ pages are a bit outdated so someone may
   give up as I almost did a few days ago! 

2. The "vga" configuration at a depth of 4 (;-)) is the only one that
   seems to work on this AGP chipset. Others have problems as given below.

3. The "vesa" produces an X but there is some wraparound effect
   so that the "top" of the logical screen is around the middle of the 
   physical screen.

4. The "i810" module only works with the agpgart device which is 
   not currently supported by gnumach (I think!).

So a todo for me would be to try and get the agpgart device working.
Any suggestions as to the feasibility of this?


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