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Re: journaling filesystems

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: journaling filesystems
Date: 29 Aug 2001 13:42:16 -0700
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Robert Millan <> writes:

> I'd like to know if there are plans to make the Hurd support
> any journaling filesystem.
> I'm setting up a GNU/Linux system now and plan to migrate it
> to GNU/Hurd when it has support for some journaling filesystem.
> But since i need to partition my hard drive now, I'd like to pick
> the filesystem that will be supported in the future so i'll have
> no problem in migrating to GNU/Hurd later.

I think everyone would be happy to make journaling filesystems work
(all of them in common use, if possible).

I don't think there is any particular plan for any particular
filesystem.  If you choose the most popular Linux one (I don't have
any idea what that would be), then your odds are probably highest.

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