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Re: ShadowFS (status)

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: ShadowFS (status)
Date: 26 Aug 2001 15:40:15 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/20.7 (Niels M├Âller) writes:

> An interesting questions is how to handle translators. Should they be
> handled as files (i.e. shadowfs returns the real port of a single real
> file) or directories (shadowfs constructs a node representing the
> union of one or more real directories and returns a port of its own)?
> As far as I understand, there is no sharp distinction between files
> and directories.

shadowfs should never even *see* a translator if implemented
correctly.  It just points the user at the "real" location of whatever
file and tells them to "retry" lookups there.

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