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Trouble installing hurd-F3-main

From: Dave McDonald
Subject: Trouble installing hurd-F3-main
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 18:35:58 +1000


I have downloaded the hurd-F3-mail CD and used it to create installation

The floppies seem to install fine and the Grub boot floppy loads the
images from the /boot directory on the hard disk, but the boot stops
(without any error messages) after noting that 419 microcode
instructions have been loaded into the the Adaptec 2940U card.

The configuration of the machine is as follows:

        CPU(s):         Intel PPro 200 MHz
        RAM:            128 Mb ECC 72 pin
        Busses:         1 x PCI (PCI0) + 1 x ISA (PCI1)
                Manufacturer:   ASUS? P6NA4
                BIOS:           "American Megatrends A6107MS V1.0 111496"
                Chipset:        Intel FX (maybe: that's what it looks like)
                Onboard:        2 x Serial
                                1 x Parallel
                                2 x IDE controllers
                                1 x Floppy disk controller
                                2 x USB ports
                PCI Slots:      1 x generic S3 Trio64(+?) Virge
                                1 x Adaptec 2940 Ultra (single ended)
                                    SCSI controller (ID#7)
                                2 x Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 adapters
                CDROM:  Hitachi CDR130 /dev/hdc (Linux)
                HDD:    Seagate ST3151N (ID#0)
                                Partition 1:    128 Mb, type 82 (swap)
                                Partition 2:    remainder of 2 Gb drive

The BIOS has been set to do the PnP configuration of the relevent

Any ideas?

I have already tried removing the CD-ROM Drive and the second CPU. Power
Management has been turned off. The SCSI bus is correctly terminated (at
the controller and at the drive) and there are no detectable media
defects on the drive.

Any help appreciated,

Dave McDonald

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