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Network Oddness

From: jediknight
Subject: Network Oddness
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 03:12:08 -0400 (EDT)

Good day all,

I have successfully installed HURD -- I think.  I can login, type commands,
and everything more or less appears working.  :-)

Oh, and what fun it is, too!  Reminds me of installing SLS, many, many moons

Anyway, to the problem -- my networking seems severely buggered.  It detects
my ethernet card on bootup (an SMC EtherPower II -- the epic100 driver).

I successfully configured via settrans on /hurd/pfinet (as per the easy
startup page said to), and it appeared to work.

I started by pinging another address on the network, and it was very, very
slow.  If a ping goes through at all, it will be 800ms, or something
rediculous for something that's just across the hub.  Now, I almost can
never ping anything at all - and pinging myself yields similar flakey
results.  Sometimes it -does- work, but with massive return times, which
makes little sense to me.

Ping actually sometimes stops my system hung dead in its tracks - I can't
type anything, it just dies.

Obviously, something is amiss, but I do not know what.

Any help would be appreciated .. I have searched mailing list archives, FAQs
and anything I was able to find without any clues.


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