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Hurd installation problem

From: Mohamed . ILANE
Subject: Hurd installation problem
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:25:15 +0000

I have downloaded the iso images of debian-hurd distribution from : hurd-f2-main.iso and hurd-f2-extra.iso and i burned
then on cd using cdrecord for linux
for the installation of the hurd :
1- I boot from the cd
2- I create a partition of 500 Mb on my scsi disk
3- I format the partition and i mount it on /
4- I choose "install the base system" , i choose the installation from the
cdrom, an error appear "can't find the file BaseHurd.tgz"  each time i
choose a different directory in the cdrom
can anyone help me to resolve this problem
ps: there is no BaseHurd.tgz on the cd

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