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Re: Re: PC Cards under Hurd

From: Reyk Flöter
Subject: Re: Re: PC Cards under Hurd
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:53:04 +0200

There are some difficulties:

>I shouldn't go ahead and use the drivers out of the latest linux kernel?
The integreted Linux kernel in gnumach is version 2.0.36 with some newer
drivers. If you want to the latest linux- drivers, you have to port some
main kernel functions first.

>Well any way I was trying to do that but I was confused. In gnumach/linux
>there are two directories that are very similar to each other dev and src.
the src- directory contains untouched linux- sources and the dev- directory
contains some files modified for gnumach.

i.e. src/drivers/foo/bar.c, dev/driver/foo/bar.c: the first one is an original
linux driver and the second contains modifications for gnumach. the compiler
builds the second one and if it's missed, it builds the original file (only
one of them).

>The have the same subdirs and many of the same files but the src dir have
>extra stuff that look like they have been modified for hurd. Which dir
>meant to be putting the PCMCIA stuff in?

both. first you put everything into dev/ and if you have to do some 
you put only the relevant files into src/.

I just started a new project 'hurd-pcmcia' at sourceforge and it will become
available in about 72 hours. May I add you?


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/* "friendly known free software engineer"

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