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Private & Confidential

Subject: Private & Confidential
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 17:15:27 -0700

Cocodi Camp
Houphuet-Boigny Road
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

ATTN:The Managing Director

Confidential Investment Proposal

I am the wife of the Sierra Leonean Rebel Army Chief
fighting the government of Sierra Leone.  My husband
was brutally killed when he led the operation to
capture the capital city, Freetown.

The government has been after my family ever since. 
Everything owned by my husband was destroyed and
assets confiscated.  My life and that of my three
children are not spared and we have to run away into
Ivory Coast for the safety of our life where we
presently live as refugees.

I have in my possession documents containing details
of my husband’s transactions on behalf of the
Revolutionary United Front (RUF) which he was the Army

US$32Million (Thirty-two Million United States Dollars
Only) meant for the purchase of weapons and other
military hardwares was deposited by him in the vault
of one Security Company with no names used except
Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and Certificate
of Deposit which was used to secure the money.

Top officials of the RUF cannot trace this money
because no names were used in depositing it.  I need a
reliable and trustworthy foreign investor to entrust
with the PIN and the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT to enable
him remove the funds from the Security Company and
help us in the investment of the funds.  Me and my
children intend to travel overseas to start a fresh
life and settle finally.

If you are capable of assisting us in realising this
investment, write me  for more information.  I am also
ready to offer reasonable commission to you as will be
agreed upon.

I do not need to remind you of the absolute
confidentiality and secrecy required in this business
and please reply to for confidential reasons.

Best regards.

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