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Help~~~ can't boot...

From: vergence
Subject: Help~~~ can't boot...
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 00:48:35 +0900 (KST)

I tried to boot to hurd.
but hurd seems not to be able to find the servers.boot.

So I tried in some way.

I guess it is because there is no BSD or Mach label.
Some times hurd said "No BSD or Mach label found".
Should I use "disklabel" (in BSD)?

What is Mach label?
and how can I make one?

I just made a ext2 partitioin (partition id 83).
and made fs using this command.
mkfs -o hurd /dev/hdd1
But it is not the Mach label, I think.

Please email me.

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