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Problem root=(hd1,0)

From: Jackson, Harry
Subject: Problem root=(hd1,0)
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:19:09 -0000

Hi everyone 

My first post. So forgive me any nuances.

I tried to install the HURD last night and ran into a couple of problems.

When I tried to reboot for the first time I was told to type
at the command prompt, where hd1 is the hard disk I wish to boot from.

My current setup is three hard disks two of which are mirrored ide and the
other is
dedicated to Linux Mandrake. the partition of the new /gnu id called under
Linux hdf9
when I tried to type 

It said something about being unable to parse system.

I tried various entries one of which seemed to wipe my fstab under Linux.

Is it possible to add these parameters to /etc/lilo.conf and get it to work
that way

Harry Jackson.
(+44) 207 947 1259


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