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Re: L4 instead of gnumach?

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: Re: L4 instead of gnumach?
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 07:50:35 +0900

From: Ron Farrer <>
Subject: L4 instead of gnumach?
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:17:49 -0700

> To get HURD running on L4 it was decided MIG + cthreads would be
> needed.

  I agree to (most of) your reasons, as I'm the first one who thought
of the idea, Hurd/L4 (AFAIK). But I'm afraid that you may understimate
the work. Porting MiG and cthreads is the easiest part of the work,
since they are highly modular, while the rest of the work is far more

  What are your concrete plans to make Hurd independent of Mach, even
though the design is quite often specific to Mach? If you want better
performance, Mach emulation on L4 should be unacceptable.

  BTW, why cthreads? Why won't you switch to pthreads?


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