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Re: Installation problem

From: Andreas Kahari
Subject: Re: Installation problem
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 18:54:23 +0200
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In <20001027111443.A12503@nova.CS.McGill.CA> Ali SHEIKH writes:
> > 
> > tar -zxvpf --same-owner gnu-latest.tar.gz /gnu 
> > (i first:  mount /dev/hdb3 /gnu)
> try:
> cd /gnu
> tar -zxvpf --same-owner PATH_TO/gnu-latest.tar.gz
> where PATH_TO is the path to the directory containing you gnu-latest.tar.gz
> file.

I vote for

tar --same-owner -zxvpf gnu-latest.tar.gz /gnu 

or possibly just

tar --same-owner -zxvpf gnu-latest.tar.gz

Writing "-zxvpf --same-owner" might make tar think that '--same-owner'
is the file that should be extracted...


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