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TCP/IP Problems

Subject: TCP/IP Problems
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:47:15 +0100

Is it just me or is there a general bug in the HURD that TCP/IP communication 
is really slow?
I am using a 3COM 3c503, and a download via FTP achieved a whopping 125 bytes 
per second - the same download accross Linux (on the same computer) went at 4.5 
KB/s (I have a second computer running NAT software acting as a gateway to the 
net - it has a 56k dial-up connection).
Both times the NAT computer was not utilizing the connection.
Is it just me or is TCP/IP genuinely slow on HURD?

My install was done from the massive tar-ball at (using those 
easy install instructions).

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