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Building gnumach

From: David Neary
Subject: Building gnumach
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 20:32:30 +0100

Hi all,

My first post and it has to be a question that I know has been asked
before. Maybe it should be in the FAQ :)

I believe it's possible to build gnumach on a linux system without a
cross-compiler, since it doesn't use any OS specific stuff, but I've
been having problems after configuring with --build i386-linux --host

Basically I start a build and it fails because of the absence of mig. So
I got mig from CVS ( CVS), and after configuring it, the build
fails because it can't find mach/message.h. 

I have read through the archives, and I read that it's possible to
compile gnumach on linux without a cross-compiler - is this right? If
so, what's the procedure for doing it? 

Sorry to be a burden... I'll get there eventually :)


                Dave Neary,
        Software engineer, Informix Dublin.
        Phone: +353-1-409-1357

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