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Re: QR and Pivoted QR for Complex Matrix

From: Patrick Alken
Subject: Re: QR and Pivoted QR for Complex Matrix
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 15:35:30 -0600
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  The complex QR decomposition is available in the git repository - we
haven't made a release since it was added. The algorithm is the Level-3
BLAS method of Elmroth and Gustavson, so you need to supply the T matrix
(instead of the tau vector) to the routine.

If you are willing/able to clone the git and install it, then the
function you will need is:

gsl_linalg_complex_QR_decomp_r(gsl_matrix_complex * A,
gsl_matrix_complex * T)

The other functions (solve, lssolve) follow the same calling format as
the real versions (with the _r suffix). Pivoted QR is only available for
real matrices at the moment.

On 4/13/21 3:16 PM, Songting Luo wrote:
> Hello GSL users and developers,
> Could you please let me know whether GSL has QR and pivoted QR for complex
> matrices? I couldn't find them in the online manual.  Thanks.
> -SL

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