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[Help-gsl] non-linear least square fitting

From: Brijesh Upadhaya
Subject: [Help-gsl] non-linear least square fitting
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018 14:14:57 +0300


I am new to GSL and I want to use non-linear least-square fitting to fit a
data set with 2000 data points. The function has 14 parameters in total. I
tried using gsl_multifit_nlinear_driver () to solve the problem.

It works nice but I want the parameters to be in certain range: x_min <=
xpar <= x_max. How to fix the lower and upper bounds (Or I missed something
in the gsl-2.5 documentation!). Some of the parameters in my model don't
have any physical meaning if not bounded.

I have another question as well!. I want to do a multi-objective
optimization using GSL-2.5 but I couldn't locate any routine in the
documentation. I have 40 data set having 2000 points each and I need to
obtain 14 parameters (Global minimum).

with kind regards,

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