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[Help-gsl] GNU Scientific Library 2.5 released

From: Patrick Alken
Subject: [Help-gsl] GNU Scientific Library 2.5 released
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 13:07:21 -0600
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Version 2.5 of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is now available. GSL provides 
a large collection of routines for numerical computing in C.

This release introduces some new features and fixes several bugs. The full NEWS 
file entry is appended below.

The file details for this release are: <> <>

The GSL project homepage is

GSL is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed improvements.

Patrick Alken


* What is new in gsl-2.5:

** doc bug fix in binomial distribution figure (Damien Desfontaines)

** added Wishart distribution (Timothée Flutre)

** added new module for digital filtering (gsl_filter); current filters include:
     Gaussian filter
     median filter
     recursive median filter
     impulse detection filter

** added new module for moving window statistics (gsl_movstat)

** added statistics functions:

** added Romberg integration (gsl_integration_romberg)

** bug fix in deprecated functions gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd and
   gsl_multifit_wlinear_usvd (reported by Vlad Koli)

** documention corrected to state that gsl_sf_legendre functions do
   not include Condon-Shortley phase by default

** bug fix in exponential fitting example when using larger number
   of points (reported by Anna Russo)

** changed internal workspace inside gsl_spmatrix to a union to
   avoid casting (suggested by Manuel Schmitz)

** bug fixes in ode-initval2 for very rare solver crashing cases:
   #52230 in msadams (reported by Michael Kaufman) and
   #52336 in msbdf (reported by Andrew Benson). As a fix,
   the maximum scaling of controlled step length was decreased
   from 5.0 to 4.9.

** add histogram2d figure to manual (was missing in 2.4)

** bug fix in gsl_spmatrix_add for duplicate input arguments
   (reported by Alfredo Correa)

** add support for negative arguments nu in gsl_sf_bessel_Jnu and
   gsl_sf_bessel_Ynu (Konrad Griessinger)

** better texinfo documentation for gsl_sf_hyperg functions

** fix vector and matrix fread/fwrite testing on windows systems
   when tmpfile() fails

** fix for rstat/test.c on PPC64 (reported by Adam Majer)

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