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[Help-gsl] questions about the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)

From: yty950616
Subject: [Help-gsl] questions about the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:07:11 +0800



This is Tianyi Yang, a 4th year undergrad student in University of Waterloo, 
ON, Canada. I met with some troubleshooting when installing GSL-GNU Scientific 

I’m working with Mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5. When I downloaded some 
packages, there are some advanced features require the GNU Scientific Library. 
To install gsl, I used "brew install gsl --universal" in the Command of Mac to 
finish the installation, and the corresponding gsl version is 2.4, the latest 
After that, when I installed the packages, the installation fails probably 
because of C compilation errors, which looks like: error: command 'gcc' failed 
with exit status 1
Then I noticed that I should tell the installation about where the GSL library 
is located by defining the first two lines of the following screenshot:

(The third line is the corresponding installation of the package.)

But the installation still fails with error, which looks like: ld: library not 
found for -lgomp:

I've tried with some ways, hope to solve the error but turned out to be in 
vain, so I’m really confused about how to handle this problems.

Thanks for any help and advise you guys could offer. I’m looking forward to you 
PS: For further information about the package I've used with GSL, please refer 
to the link:

Wish you have a nice day !


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