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[Help-gsl] GSL Hankel normalization factor

From: Darshana L Weerawarne
Subject: [Help-gsl] GSL Hankel normalization factor
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 21:43:31 -0400

Hi all,

I'm trying to use gsl dht to calculate hankel transform of a function. But
I'm having some troubles in determining the normalization factor. Following
is my psudo code.

    gsl_dht *tf;
    tf =  gsl_dht_alloc (4096);
    gsl_dht_init (tf, 1, 0.5);
    norm = (1/gsl_sf_bessel_zero_Jnu(1, 4096))^2;
    gsl_dht_apply (tf, uin1, uout);
    gsl_dht_apply (tf, uout, uin2);

Normalization does not satisfy the following condition.
    uin2 = uin1*norm

Could someone help?

Kind regards,
Darshana Lakmal Weerawarne

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