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[Help-gsl] Question about one dimensional root finding.

From: Kwang-shin Choi
Subject: [Help-gsl] Question about one dimensional root finding.
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 14:31:44 -0700
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I am economics graduate student writing paper with GSL library. It is really great one.

My question is as follows.

1. I am using derivative solver with newton method (gsl_root_fdfsolver_newton)

2. This one works fine with some parameter set but makes error with other parameter sets ( gsl: newton.c:88: ERROR: function value is not finite) and make an exit.

3. I'd like to set the value of "x (root)" as 0 when it make error with certain parameters and proceed to next iteration without make an exit.

How can I solve this problem.

Thank you.

Kwang-shin Choi

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