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[Help-gsl] gsl libraries by Brian Gladman

From: Brian Gladman
Subject: [Help-gsl] gsl libraries by Brian Gladman
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 19:08:18 +0100

-----Original Message----- From: Cheng Li
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 5:07 PM
To: 'Brian Gladman' ; 'Seow Hui, Saw' ; address@hidden
Subject: 转发: 答复: [Help-gsl] gsl libraries by Brian Gladman

Hi Brian,

Previous I have encountered the exactly same problem as Saw did and after
some debugging finally I solved the problem somehow. In the following email,
I described my solution to  him. What I have done is just commenting some
bound check codes out. Honestly I am not sure whether it matters much or not
to the library. I just the make building process finished without errors….
Do you have any idea on this problem?

Hi All

I believe that I know what causes this issue, one which has probably been
fixed in the repository as I reported the issues to Brian Gough before he
left as the GSL maintainer

The GSL code is supposed to be written in the C89 version of C, which does
not allow out of order declarations.

But some of the code is written for later versions of C that allow these.

So when a compile is done in DEBUG mode, the extra range checking code is
inserted before the following variable declarations which are then out of
order so the compile fails.

The correct solution is to put the declarations before rather than after the
range checking code.

    best regards,


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