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[Help-gsl] cspline: variable number of points

From: Greg Vesper
Subject: [Help-gsl] cspline: variable number of points
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:59:05 -0600
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The following snippet doesn't work, yelling at me that gsl_spline_alloc and gsl_spline_init have been passed different lengths. As far as I can tell from the code, it's impossible to do this. (I'm only interested in the case of newnbins<nbins).

A) Can anyone tell me if I'm correct in this or provide a way to accomplish this without freeing and re'alloc? B) Would there be something wrong with writing it in this manner so long as an error is returned from gsl_spline_init if newnbins > nbins?

  int nbins = 100;
  gsl_spline *vmax_spl;
  gsl_interp_accel *vmax_spa;
  vmax_spa = gsl_interp_accel_alloc();
  vmax_spl = gsl_spline_alloc( gsl_interp_cspline, nbins );

  int newnbins = 50
  gsl_spline_init( vmax_spl, &lrvals[0], &vvals[0], newnbins );


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