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[Help-gsl] ln of gamma function for negative arguments

From: Marc Normandin
Subject: [Help-gsl] ln of gamma function for negative arguments
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 22:00:49 -0400


I require the computation of ln of the gamma function for all negative 
non-integer values. The reflection formula can be used for half of the negative 
non-integers along with the log since for half the values will be positive. 
However, I would like to obtain a value for the other half. I'm using the ln of 
gamma as an intermediate step after which I raise the result with an 
exponential, so that ultimately I am not after the actual value of ln gamma 
itself. I am open to any methods that work.

At the current time the only way that I've found to compute the ln of gamma for 
negative non-integer values is to treat the argument as a complex number z = -x 
+ 0i and then use Ln(z) = ln(|z|) + iPI, for the term involving the sin from 
the relfection formula.

I'd appreciate help and suggestions.


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