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[Help-gsl] fftw and gsl

From: Travers, John C
Subject: [Help-gsl] fftw and gsl
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 12:11:30 +0100


I'm about to convert a MATLAB program to C using GSL and FFTW. It is
essential that I use FFTW as most of the work is done with FFTs. I've
read through the list archives and browsed around with Google to see if
anyone has posted a reasonably standard way to mix these two libraries.
I'm willing to write my own, but hoped that maybe some progress had been
made on interoperability? If anyone has a robust way of mixing the
libraries so that FFTs are efficient, but the arrays can easily use GSL
functions I would really appreciate some guidance. As I say, if nothing
has been done, I'll go ahead and try it myself and will post the result.


Best regards,

John Travers

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