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[Help-gsl] Call GSL from C++

From: Brad Bell
Subject: [Help-gsl] Call GSL from C++
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 11:52:46 -0700 (PDT)

Is there a standard way to use GSL with C++. The usual thing when linking
C++ to C is to use an definition like the following in your include files

# ifdef __cplusplus
# define GSL_EXTERN_C  extern "C"
# else
# define GSL_EXTERN_C  extern
# endif

and then replace all occurances in the include files of extern with
GSL_EXTERN_C. At the end of the include file, one could execute the
command. This way the include file would work in included by a C or a C++

# undef GSL_EXTERN_C

===================================================================== The
The following is an excerpt from page 309 of INTERNATIONAL STANDARD
ISO/IEC 14882 First edition 1998-09-01 Programming languages C++ Langages
de programmation C++:

The name __cplusplus is defined to the value 199711L when compiling a C++
translation unit.143)

143) It is intended that future versions of this standard will replace the
value of this macro with a greater value. Nonconforming compilers should
use a value with at most five decimal digits.

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