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[Help-gsl] qags, qagp, and qawc

From: Nicolas Bock
Subject: [Help-gsl] qags, qagp, and qawc
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:59:40 -0600

Hello list,

I would like to integrate a function that's roughly of the form 1 / (x - x_0). The integration limits are a < x_0 < b.

I tried to integrate 1/(x - x_0) with different limits, a and b, with qags, qagp, and qawc. Only qawc produced the correct answer for different choices of a and b, whereas qags and qagp sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. From the description of qags and qagp it wasn't quite clear to me if that's something to be expected or not. Should qags and qagp be able to integrate this type of singularity?

In another test I tried the integral 1 / (x - x_0)^2 and found to my surprise that qawc does not produce the right answer this time. Is it not able to handle singularities of higher order?

Thanks already in advance,


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