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[Help-gsl] Mixed-Radix FFT problems

From: mosborne
Subject: [Help-gsl] Mixed-Radix FFT problems
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:58:28 -0500


I have been able to get the Radix-2 FFT to work just fine.
When I try to use the Mixed-Radix FFT for some values of n I
get a correct transformation, but for others I only get
maybe 1 frequency component or nothing at all, it's quite
random. It does not say in the documentation if you are
suppose to zero-pad your data until a multiple of 2 is
reached, but that is the only way I can see getting the
Mixed-Radix to work. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Matt Osborne
Electrical/Computer Engineering Major
Christian Brothers University

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