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[Help-gnu-arch] Re: downloading new categories/updating everything

From: Matthew Palmer
Subject: [Help-gnu-arch] Re: downloading new categories/updating everything
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 20:31:20 +1100
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On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 02:17:07AM -0600, brian wrote:
> I work on a lot of small projects with my colleague.  We'll be adding new
> categories often.  Is there a good way to download all new categories (if
> there are any) and update all categories?  Over ssh?
> I basically want to get the latest stuff we've been working on without
> having to manually check for and download new categories, or enter a
> password n times.

Well, the list of categories can be obtained through $(tla abrowse
--categories), but that doesn't help you very much in doing a 'get' on the
new branches.  You could get all versions by $(tla abrowse --versions | grep
'--.*--') -- I think there's a way to do that in one tla command, but can't
find it at the moment.  You could just have directories for each version,
and run through all directories and update or star-merge, and if it isn't
already there, do a get.  Ain't shell scripting lurverley?

As for avoiding lots of password typing, you've got several options --
ssh-agent, public keys, or the SSH 3.9 "sub-tunnels" stuff.  I'd look at PKI
first, then sub-tunnels, then ssh-agent, but that's just my personal
preference.  Any of them will do what you want to do.

- Matt

"Riding through the tunnel at 200 is something you should approach in the
same way you'd bonk your neighbours wife.  A once in a while thing.  Do it
often and you'll get caught."
                -- Kel,

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