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Re: gcc-Ada (gnat) for Solaris?

From: Jim Wise
Subject: Re: gcc-Ada (gnat) for Solaris?
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:19:34 -0500

Well, the main issue you'll hit is that you will need a running gnat to build 

If you use OpenCSW's gnat (it's available for i386 and sparc, IIRC), you should 
be able to bootstrap your own using the usual gcc bootstrap instructions. 

Without that, you'll need to follow a two-step dance, starting with gnat built 
for another platform:

A.) use gnat on platform $X to build a $X-to-Solaris gnat cross-compiler

B.) use that cross compiler to cross-build gnat for Solaris

And, optionally

C.) use your cross-built gnat to build gnat again, as a check

I've done this, long ago, when (not entirely successfully) porting gnat to a 
new platform, but since others have done the work, you might as well start 

In the case of OpenCSW, if you don't want to use their tooling, you could 
always download the actual package files and pkgadd them...

Jim Wise

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On Feb 29, 2012, at 11:53, Fritz Wuehler <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Yes. The OpenCSW package repo for Solaris includes packages for gnat.  See:
>> and the "gcc4ada" package in particular.  
> Hello Jim,
> Thanks for the pointer. I would prefer to roll my own but I don't have the
> know how. I should have phrased my question more carefully, I am asking if
> there is anyone on the list who knows how to build gcc-Ada and if so if they
> would be willing to help / guide me through the process. I have Solaris 10
> running on 2 architectures and I'd like to build Ada on both of them. If I
> am successfull I will try to host the packages somewhere.
> There are a few sites like opencsw and I have heard good stuff about
> them. The problem is most of them are creating package management systems 
> and you have to use them to get the package. To get gcc4ada from opencsw I
> would have to get prereqs that perhaps aren't and also install in their
> selected paths as far as I know. I would like to be able to build generic
> packages that can install in user chosen locations and not have to use a
> package manager with someone else's ideas of prereqs and what should or
> shouldn't be in a package. Solaris is especially delicate in this because it
> has more path chaos than most Linux distros. 
> I need a lot of help but I am willing to work at it and share the results.
> Thanks to anyone who can help. Please follow up to the ng.
>> Jim Wise
>> address@hidden
>> Sent from my iPhone.
>> Digital signature available upon request. 
>> On Feb 28, 2012, at 7:30, Nomen Nescio <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Hello gents. Does anyone have the know-how to build gcc-Ada on Solaris? I
>>> have SPARC and Intel boxes running Solaris 10 and I cannot find a good build
>>> for either of them. I am looking for the LGPL version btw, not GNAT which
>>> Libre Adacore does not offer at any rate for these platforms. TIA
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