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Re: [patch] Add "install-pdf" target to makefiles.

From: Brooks Moses
Subject: Re: [patch] Add "install-pdf" target to makefiles.
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:18:46 -0800
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Paolo Bonzini wrote:
Brooks Moses wrote:
The attached patch adds "install-pdf" support to GCC. The pdf files are currently installed in $(pdfdir), with $(pdfdir) determined by the --with-pdfdir configure option if supplied, and otherwise defaulting to $(docdir), which defaults to <installdir>/share/doc.

Foreword: I know this is asking a lot more work than this. Would you have time to investigate instead switching to automake 1.10 (should be no big deal) and autoconf 2.61? This would provide the same effect that you have here. In addition, we wouldn't add another --with-pdfdir option that is there only to be deprecated when we switch to the newest autoconf.

As Joseph said, upgrading autoconf/automake, while technically perhaps not a big deal, requires a substantial amount of coordination among lots of projects. (And see also the debates we had about requiring an updated version of flex a month ago; I can see the same thing happening here.) I don't think I could commit the time to try to navigate that process within the next few months, at least.

And, also, switching to automake 1.10 doesn't actually duplicate as much of this as one might hope. Of the directories touched by this patch other than the top level, only nine (out of 25) are actually processed by automake, and of those only one actually installs any pdf files; the rest are trivial single-line patches. The remaining non-top-level changes would need to be made regardless.

Your comment about the --with-pdfdir option is a good point, though: Would it be more appropriate to name the option just --pdfdir, so that it is consistent with what the more recent autoconf would produce, and thus will not need deprecation after the switch? On the other hand, --with-pdfdir is consistent with the other options that are currently in configure.

- Brooks

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