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Subject: LOTTO.NL
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 14:38:21 +1100
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2391 Beds 152 Koningin Julianaplein 21,
Den Haag, the Netherla<I>n</I>ds.
(Lotto affiliate with <FONT face="MS Sans Serif">Su</FONT>bscriber Agents).
From: Susan Console
(Lottery Coordinator)


We are <STRONG>pl</STRONG>eased to inform you of the result of the Lot<I>t</I>o 
NL Winners International programs held on the 2nd, March, 2006.  Your e-mail 
address attached to ticket #: 00903228100 with 
prize # 778009/UK drew €1,00<STRIKE>0</STRIKE>,000.00 which was<EM> </EM>first 
in the 2ndclass of the draws. You are to receive €1,000,000.00 (One Million 
Euros). Because of mix up in cash pay-outs, we ask 
that yo<B>u</B> keep your winning information confidential until you<U>r</U> 
money (€1,000,000.00) has been fully remitted to you by our accredited 
pay-point bank. This measure must be adhere to avoid 
l<U>o</U>ss of your cash prize - winners of our cash prizes are advised 
<STRIKE>t</STRIKE>o adhere to these instructions to forestall the abuse of this 
program by other participants. It's important to note that this draw<EM>s 
were conducted formally,<FONT color=# f2732> </FONT>and winners are selected 
through an internet ballot system from 60,000 individual and companies e-mail 
addresses - the draws are c<STRIKE>o</STRIKE>nducted around the world
 through our inter<FONT face=Courier>n</FONT>et based ballot system. The 
promotion is sponsored and promoted Lotto NL. W<FONT face=Tahoma>e</FONT> 
congratulate you once again. We hope you will use part of it in our next draws; 
the jackpot 
winning is €85million.  Rem<S>e</S>mber, all winning must be claimed not later 
than 20 days. Aft<SPAN>er this date a</SPAN>ll unclaimed cash prize will be 
forfeited and included in the next sweepstake.  Please, in 
order to avoid unnecessary dela<SPAN>ys and complications remembe</SPAN>r to 
quote personal a<EM>n</EM>d winning numbers in all correspondence with us. 
Congratulations once again from all members of Lotto NL. 
Thank you for being part of our p<EM>r</EM>omotional program.

<FONT color=#845619>
F</FONT>or immediate release of your cash prize to you, 
please kindly contact our Paying Bank 
Send them<STRIKE> </STRIKE>the following information’s: 
(i)  Your names,
(ii) Contact telephone and fax numbers
(iii) Contact Addr<U>e</U>ss
(iv) Your winning numbers
(v) Quote amount won.
Contact person: Mr. John kane
E-mail: ch<S>a</S>address@hidden
Tel:  +31 643 178 404

Congratulations once again.
Yours in service,
Susan Console

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