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FW: ****eBay Verification New Method**(Notice Available)**

From: Barnes, Ken
Subject: FW: ****eBay Verification New Method**(Notice Available)**
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 10:39:20 +0100

I would appear to be receiving spam / phishing email from someone using
your site.  It would be much appreciated if you would prevent any more
such emails being sent

-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden
[mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of My
Sent: 09 June 2005 09:31
To: address@hidden
Subject: ****eBay Verification New Method**(Notice Available)**

Dear customer,
During our regular update and verification of the accounts we couldn't
verify your current information. Either your information has changed or
it is incomplete.  
If the account information is not updated to current information within
5 days then your access to bid or buy on eBay will be suspended.

                   To Update Account, please click the link below

Thank You.

Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement, eBay(r) will
periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements. 

Trust and Safety Department
eBay Inc.  

  Copyright 1995-2005 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

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