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[help-GIFT] PHP client stopped working on new php

From: Marisa J
Subject: [help-GIFT] PHP client stopped working on new php
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 12:24:55 -0800

I was using php web Client to connect to gift, which is posted here:

Since my server was upgraded to a new php 5.4.24 it stopped working. It was throwing one php error:

PHP Fatal error:  Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/me/public_html/Client.php on line 76

But I fixed that by removing "&" here:

$socket = fsockopen ($server,$port, &$errno, &$errstr, 30);

However, the script still wont work. Now it doesn't throw any php errors, it simply does nothing. When you click on "Accept and Connect", page just refresh but wont connect to gift and no search form displayed.

Can somebody help to get it work with new php?

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