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[help-GIFT] indexing more than one collection

From: Fredrik Gundelsweiler
Subject: [help-GIFT] indexing more than one collection
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 23:50:27 +0100

Hi there,


I have indexed a collection of 13.421 images some time ago. Now I wanted to index a new collection of images (#10.000). I stopped the indexing process at about 7.527 images. Then I restarted the process and the indexing was successful. But now I wonder why in my gift-config.mrml the cui-number-of-images is set to about 2474.


Here the line of the gift-config.mrml:


<collection collection-id="c-9-45-20-10-10-108-1-314-0" collection-name="amazon_imgs" cui-algorithm-id-list-id="ail-inverted-file" cui-number-of-images="2473"…>


Why is this value not 10.000 ? Does it matter or is all fine?


Best Regards / Beste Grüße,


Fredrik Gundelsweiler



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