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Re: [help-GIFT] error when starting Charmer applet

From: Henning Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] error when starting Charmer applet
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 19:48:44 +0200
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there can be several reasons for the grey blocks and it might be describe in some old postings. You will not have this problem if you try to use one of the php interfaces.

Cheers, Henning

Robin Wu a écrit :
I made a step ahead from the thread
but was blocked again.

I missed a step as mentioned in

"perl" to compile .java files

After that, "Applet not initialized" is solved. With the Charmer interface, I first click the button to connect it to the gift server, then click to fetch a random set of images. I can see array of gray blocks. when mouse is moved over one block, a image file name is showed at the bottom of the interface. But no image is displayed.

I've looked at Charmer.html, codebase is "file:/...". And in url2fts.xml, address is also token the form "file:/". I remember it is said in some mail that "http://"; should be used instead of "file:/". Then I reconfigure the whole system.

This time,
Charmer is in /home/wu/public_html/Charmer-0.2b
images are in /home/wu/public_html/corel107

The data generated in previous test is cleaned, Then

$  /home/wu/public_html/corel107

a segment of url2fts.xml is as:

<image url-postfix="http://localhost/~root/corel107/107089.jpg"; feature-file-name="/home/wu/gift-indexing-data/corel107//107089_jpg.fts" thumbnail-url-postfix="http://localhost/~root/corel107_thumbnails/107089_thumbnail_jpg.jpg"; />

I don't know why it is ~root not ~wu.  ###

$ perl

in generated Charmer.html, codebase is still the form "file:/". Then I tried in two ways,

1. change the address in url2fts.xml to the form "file:/", then start gift server and applet.

the situation is the same as preview test, that is applet can be start, array of gray block can be see, but no image is displayed.

2. change the addresses in both codebase and in url2fts.xml to the form "http://";, then start gift server and applet. codebase="http://localhost/~root/Charmer-0.2b"; or codebase="http://localhost/~wu/Charmer-0.2b";

applet can not be initialized in both cases. it seems the address can not be found. ###


Robin Wu


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