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Re: [help-GIFT] struggling with running GIFT...

From: Henning Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] struggling with running GIFT...
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 17:10:42 +0200
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indeed, the collection ID only needs to be changed in the config file. There should be no other dependencies.

Cheers, Henning

Niles Johnson wrote:
Hi Neville,

I haven't re-checked all the attachments you sent, but as far as I remember, the output has included complaints about the collection ID number each time . . .

In your 'gift-config.mrml', note the line beginning with:

<collection collection-id="c-38-27-1-27-6-108-0-208-0" collection-name="imgs"..

I have a collection with collection-name="Full-Image-Collection" and collection-id="c-01"; in my 'gift-config.mrml', and the algorithms reference this collection ID. This is probably why, in the output you sent, you see the error about collection c-01 not being described in your config file.

So I'd suggest you update your 'gift-config.mrml' in two ways:

First, Henning explained to me that the "Classical IDF" algorithm does not perform as well as the "Separate Normalisation" algorithm, and his 'gift-config.mrml' does not include either the "PERL link" or the "Classical IDF" algorithms. Following his recommendation, I deleted both of these from my 'gift-config.mrml' and am having better performance from the GIFT--I'd encourage you to do the same :)

To do this, just delete everything between <algorithm ... > and </algorithm>. Be warned that XML doesn't parse nested comments like you might expect, so even though I commented out the "PERL link" algorithm by adding '<!--' at the beginning, and '-->' at the end, this won't work for the "Classical IDF" algorithm, since there are comments within the algorithm block.

Second, check the line beginning with:

<algorithm algorithm-id="adefault" algorithm-type="adefault" algorithm-name="Separate Normalisation" collection-id=

to be sure that the collection-id matches the one listed in your collection reference. The GIFT generates a collection ID number every time it indexes a new collection, but as far as I can tell, you don't have to use the number it generates.

I can't remember if you need to update the collection ID in any of the other GIFT files, but maybe you can just try it with these changes and see how it works? Hopefully the new output can help us identify any other problems . . .


p.s. I think it's close to working for you, so hang in there! If you still have trouble, you might also check to see that your GIFT client is referencing the correct collection ID's, while we're at it.

On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, address@hidden wrote:

Hello all,

Thanks for all the help.

So i downloaded a moonsock client, compared these output files as much as i
could (really gets monotonous after awhile... :) ) and i found some major
differences the gift server output. So this is the output right after i
start the server and load the opening page of the moonsock client. [
my_queryout is my output and your_queryout is your's..., i have only pasted
where i thought the difference in output starts ].

The opening page doesnt load for awhile and after i click on stop it appears SOMETIMES with the CORRECT collection names and algorithms. However, at this point if i click on get random images nothing happens... (i know, its quite

This seems to be an error after which my output and your output seems to be
going two different ways so i suspect there;s something wrong going on
"CAccessorAdminCollection.pre-cc:249:throwing AnVENotFound occured: I was
looking for a proxy with the ID: mIDToProxy _c-01_ . This probably means
that the collection with the ID c-01 is not described in your config file."

I overwrote your gift-config.mrml, just added one of my collections there. I
am also attaching it in this email.

Any idea whatsoever?


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