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[help-GIFT] Re: Mac OS X installation

From: Niles Johnson
Subject: [help-GIFT] Re: Mac OS X installation
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 09:36:14 -0500

Hello again,

I now have the GIFT (server and php client) running successfully on
Mac OS 10.3.9.  I wrote a small perl script to make the necessary
changes to various files, and I learned a couple more things, so I
thought I would share those here.  The attached perl script basically
automates opening the various files, searching for a certain line, and
modifying that line.  It includes a check to see if it has already
modified the current file, just in case you run it multiple times.
I've included as many comments as I think could be useful in the
script itself.

I obtained a fresh copy of gift-0.1.14 and configured it using
"./configure --prefix=/Applications/GIFT"
I then applied the script by moving it to the same directory
containing gift-0.1.14 (e.g., my Desktop), and (from within the gift
directory) ran
"perl ../"

Then I proceeded with "make" and "make install".  At this stage I
could successfully start the gift server.

I also tried installing gift to its default location, /usr/local/bin,
and found that even though the install succeeded, I again had a bus
error when attempting to start the server.  Someone who knows a little
more than me could probably explain this, but I'm happy knowing that
if I install to another directory (either my home or Applications),
there is no bus error.

For the client, I learned that the problem was the locations of the
image files--the web server by default allows access to only a few
specific directories.  When I moved my images to a "public_html"
directory in my home directory (and made both my home directory and my
public_html directory world executable), I had no problems.  This is
because "" automatically replaces paths to
public_html with something the web server can understand and allow.  I
think there are fairly easy ways to use images in other directories,
either by modifying the web server settings or specifying certain
options to "" (or both), but I haven't sorted
that out yet.

I know some other threads on this list have discussed what to do if
some of the necessary components are installed through fink and hence
not in their default locations, but I did not have to make any of
those changes.  I installed the necessary perl modules using CPAN
(type "cpan" in a terminal window to get started), and I installed
expat 2.0.1 by downloading it and using the usual ./configure, make,
make install routine.

I'm excited now to actually begin using the GIFT!! I hope these
comments, and the script, will be useful to someone--please let me
know if you have questions or suggestions.


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