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Re: [help-GIFT] build a development environment for GIFT

From: Wolfgang Mueller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] build a development environment for GIFT
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 07:27:02 +0200
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Dear Mingchung Liu,

> I am used to coding in the IDE . But I don't know how to build a development
> environment for GIFT. For example ,I compile using comand
> line, but there are some errors.

Use "make". Make findes out which files have been changed and need to be

For compiling a single file, probably 

make CAcURL2FTS.o

is what would suit you best. For compiling things in a directory, you
would use.


without any further instructions. If you do not have any make files, you
need to run ./configure in the GIFT base directory.

> Would you please tell me how to build the development environment for GIFT?
> If I use eclipse CDT to develop or compile GIFT , what should I do? I know

I cannot give you any suggestion on how to use CDT with GIFT. Last time
I tried CDT is a long time ago, and it did not convince me at that time.
I use (x)emacs and make, currently.

> how to configure a java project ,but I don't know how to make GIFT run(I
> mean coding,compiling,running) in eclipse.

I guess the main part of getting it to run with Eclipse is to acquaint
CDT to the idea that there are some pre-existing make files that CDT is
to use.

As GIFT has a hierarchy of make files, there are chances that CDT will
not like that. I wish you the best of luck. If CDT does not suit your
needs, I would also take a look at kdevelop, in your place. However,
again, I do not have any real experience with that.

> Hope I've made myself understood.

Yes, at least, I think so.

Dr. Wolfgang Mueller
LS Medieninformatik
Universitaet Bamberg

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