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[help-GIFT] how to apply new ideas to analyze images

From: Mingchung Liu
Subject: [help-GIFT] how to apply new ideas to analyze images
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 23:38:24 +0800

on, 06 Nov 2006 11:28,Wolfgang wrotes:

 >Did you solve your JAVA problems in the meanwhile?

I reinstalled my Apache and deleted all the indexing data which were generated by gift-add-collection. Then run gift-add-collection again.   After that,  the pictures can display in charmer. 
but there is still a problem. when I executed query using "perl link" method , the result  pictures can not be seen. Only some empty grids were showed.
  I'm not very familiar with Charmer now. Is there any document about it ?

>An accessor encapsulates the stateless aspects of data collection access.

>A query processor is potentially stateful and encapsulates the "rest" of query

Wolfgang, could you please spend a few minutes to show me a roadmap?  Then I can go along this roadmap to do some deep research in CBIR.  for example, what should I do If I want to use "color correlogram" to index and query images,  or what shoud I read, about gift and charmer?
I think if you told me that,I can go on with my work more quickly.  I am working for my master's degree now : )
Thank you.
Mingchung Liu

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