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[help-GIFT] how to apply new ideas to analyze images

From: Liu Allen
Subject: [help-GIFT] how to apply new ideas to analyze images
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 01:56:47 +0800

I have read  "Configuring and hacking the GIFT" . It told me how to write accessors or query processors. But I think It is not the most important thing for image retrieval.
What I want to do is , for example , applying a new texture-based algorithm to analyze images, extracting new features from images, indexing them according to new features , redefine the resemblance degree, and so on.
Can I do something like that ?  and what shoud I read ?
 (If I'm not wrong, these things I listed above , all  do nothing  with accessors  and query processors. )

Mingzheng Liu  
School of Management  at Beijing Normal University  
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