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[help-GIFT] --no-thumbnails

From: Jonas Lindqvist
Subject: [help-GIFT] --no-thumbnails
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 22:23:35 +0200

Hi Wolfgang!
(And others if interested)

Wolfgang Müller wrote:

But, I'll think about adding a --no-thumbnails option to gift-add- After all I haven't really contributed to this project

yet, and I think it is about time I do.

This would be most appreciated.

I hope I will have some spare time to spend on the GIFT during this



Okay... I just realized that the weekend is pretty much over, and that time was almost up...

So, I just spent five minutes whipping up a slightly altered version of gift-add-collection.pre-pl (which is the "original" from which the script is generated)

This new version contains code to handle a new "--no-thumbnails" commandline option.
The --help text is modified to mention this option as well.
If you use this option, no thumbnail images will be created, and no thumbnail directory will be created either.
The thumbnail-url-postfix attribute in the url2fts.xml file will only contain the image name, and not an url to a thumbnail image. I couldn't decide on which was better: dropping the attribute, setting it to "" or just using the image name. I decided on the image name as I guess it will break less things. Feel free to change that decision yourself.

I have only tested this version twice, and it seems to work. But I may have missed something, so please watch out. 

I'll attach the full gift-add-collection.pre-pl, gzipped, and not a patch. Let me know if your spam-filters/virus detectors, etc, removes it, or if you actually do need a patch-file.

If you think my changes are acceptable, please go ahead and commit it to the CVS repository.
If not, let me know what is wrong, and I'll try to fix it.

I hope I can contribute something more interesting some day soon. Spare time is rare though.


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