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Re: [help-GIFT] gift-write-feature-descs segfaults... (is the GIFT broke

From: risc
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] gift-write-feature-descs segfaults... (is the GIFT broken?)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 09:42:19 -0500
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This is undoubtedly my fault, for not checking the other binaries.

I've been under the weather recently, and i've only been checking
the gift-extract-features binary.

I'll try to get a fix in sometime this evening..

Yes, normally C screams and yells at you, but the gift was written
without function prototypes, so the compiler cant tell, until link time.

I'll also whip up a quick patch adding function prototypes, and post
it to the mailing list, for review.

Back, after being food poisoned,

Julia Longtin <address@hidden>

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 04:02:46PM +0200, Jonas Lindqvist wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm (attempting to be) using the latest CVS version.
> gift-write-feature-descs reads a PPM file on STDIN, and is supposed  
> to output some kind of data that can be redirected into  
> InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db.
> However, now it crashes with a segmentation fault.
> Here's what happens:
> The file write_feature_descs.c, uses a function called  
> init_feature_variables. It uses it with an int (colmap_size) as its  
> only parameter.
> So where is this function defined? There is in fact a similar  
> function in extract_block_features.c, but it takes no less than FOUR  
> parameters.
> Strange...
> Anyway, it crashes when it tries to use a function that is not linked.
> I would have expected the linker to complain, and the compiler to at  
> least warn, but maybe I'm too used to "too helpful" C++ compilers...
> The prototype for init_feature_variables, in  
> extract_block_features.c, changed from using one parameter, to using  
> four, in revision 1.6, committed more than a month ago... Is anyone  
> actually using the latest version?
> With a segfaulting gift-write-feature-descs, the  
> InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db file is always empty...
> Saves some space on the harddisk of course, but other than that it  
> couldn't be all that good, right?
> Does the GIFT work at all now?
> Arghh...
> Now it would have been nice to have SVN changesets, so that reverting  
> a commit would revert all files that was committed...
> /Jonas

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